Be a Couch Potato de Lux this easter

Since many of us more
 or less lived in our
 sofas during this time of quarantine and 
working from home. 

Why not upgrade your sofa 
and be a Couch Potato de Lux this easter?  
Unique and remarkable Artilleriet 
are selling this Arflex favorite of mine 
for a much lower price then normally.

Here is the info needed both in eng and Swedish from Artilleriet that is located in Gothenburg but you can shop online just as well.  

Marenco sofa by Italian Arflex, Designed by Mario Marenco 1970. The sofa features a revolutionary system to assemble seat and armrest cushions to the base. The cushions are simply put into a metal tubular frame which grants rigidity and resistance to the use of the sofa. Base in multi plywood with fiber cover. 
Backrests and armrests: main structure in painted tubular metal. 
Each element is padded and covered singularly. Padding in stress-resistant differentiated density polyurethane foam and fiber cover. Fully removable covers.


Marenco soffa från italienska Arflex designades 1970 av Mario Marenco. Soffan är byggd i en helt unik konstruktion där rygg och armstöd monteras i en metallram – en för sin tid revolutionerande teknik som givit Marenco en helt egen karaktär. Alla delar är separat stoppade och klädda, och hela soffans klädsel avtagbar 

Base in multi plywood with fibre cover. Backrests and armrests main structure in metal. Each element (back, seat, arm) is padded and covered singularly. 

Padding in stress-resistant differentiated density polyurethane foam and fibre cover. Fully removable cover, except for leather version. Metal feet

Mått:B:354 cmD:94 cmH: 68 cm SH: 41 cm

85 700 SEK 72 845 SEK

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