P A T I O | plan

To enjoy the sun outside seated comfortably was the dream.

The house that burnt down never had a patio and that was something the family longed for, so when Husräddarna, TV3 rebuild the house we made sure that the garden patio was made to the families liking.

Our carpenter Björn made this simple and clever plant ladder. Together we decided the size of each level to fit the tires as pots, and make room for the plants and deco all the way to the top. 
The plant ladder is a great way of creating levels of greenery instead of just setting all pots on the floor of the patio.

Chunky and comfortable out door furniture with a relaxed lounge style in the sun just after the rain. 
I had never seen this line of furniture and was in Copenhagen during the North Modern Furniture Fair at Bella Center when I found the Kenneth Cobonpue Furniture stand. As you see we found the right furniture for the family which was incidentally the first ever furniture from the world wide design company of celebrated designer Kenneth Cobonpue in Sweden.

The hanging bed really looks comfortable, it was designed &built especially for the family by Björn Christiernsen

Husräddarna, TV3 2015


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