A B | småland malmö

Kläder, inredning och växter skapar med eko och redesign lifestyle konceptet Ab Småland

Allt är möblerat, sammansatt och inspirerar till inrednings njutning.

In my search for a Eckhart Tolle book I ran down a rainy street in Malmö and instead of finding the  bookstore I was looking for, found AB Småland. A lifestyle concept where the unexpected meets the traditional according the their own homepage. A place with old and new interiors along with clothes and plants. Lots of eco friendly solutions and meeting place, a café along with workshops held in this huge inviting cosy place. This is more inspiration than ONE place/store in Sweden has given me in a very long time. 

Ni får inte missa Ab Småland i Malmö när ni kommer dit. Om ni bor i Malmö så grattis! Gå dit och få ert lystmäte i internationell-eko-smart-och -snygg-lokal-inrednings-och-lifestyle-stil. 

Old, new (borrowed?) and both green and blue.

Inspirational interiors

The forest bathroom just made me smile. Lovely!

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