A D V E N T | flowers at Wallåkra

The brick building from 1864 covered in clay art and ivy.

 When you are offered this much inspiration in one place it´s a real treat to see a press event. 

Just look at all the wonderful creative ideas that are handed out in the most inspiring of places. 

A Stoneware factory from 1864. Intact - kept for the future. 
What a place to visit!


Att få lära mig mer om Skåne och alla underbara historiska platser är det mest njutbara för mig med att bo i denna del av Sverige. Här är ytterligare en plats som jag rekommenderar att se, njuta av, prova på att testa hantverk, äta god mat och införskaffa vackra kärl med historiska vingslag ingjutna.


The green design courtesy of the Blomsterfrämjandet event greets you outside.

A fire welcomes outside to get the feeling of Christmas and winter started.

A wreath with a rough eclectic mix on a stick tripod is very much to my liking. Great for the entrance at home.

Plain pine wreaths are so stylish in groups.

Go with the grain. Contrasting the  red Poinsettia with the dried grain gives a big effect.

Begonias in baskets. Shown here with the ceramics from Wallåkra.

The art of candle making. At Wallåkra candles are made and courses are held in the traditional art.

A white Poinsettia against the brick floor and the  stoneware made at Wallåkra.

Love everything about this. The worn folk wodden crate. The waxed paper crumbled. The moss and pine cones in an unorderly fashion and the flowers trying to find its way. This could be done with so many types of flowers
Tied together creating a joint vase and bouquet. Masterly!

Love of amaryllis

Down the drain. In the most delightful way!

As you can see I love this.

White flowers together in the most simple way can be very effective in candle light as a atmosphere creator.

Not only is the white flower & candle table a joy to see, but the Swedish grown Lily of the Valley (liljekonvalj) has the most amazing subtle scent. I stayed here for a long time. Scents make a home.

A candle wreathe in the unorderly fashion that is so appealing and so NOW. Using branches that don´t conform and has no need to be united. Just let them stick out and live their own life. Creating a whole new alive feel. Lovely!

This is THE OVEN at Wallåkra  seen from above. The ceramics go in the oven for 3 days!! 4 times a year this 21 sqm oven is heated whith the burning of coal for 3 days. Every 30 min new coal has to be added.

Poinsettia and golden feathers in your tree this year ?

Åsa is the owner of Wallåkra and Andreas is responsible for the creative inspiring ideas that you´ve seen, all made possible by Blomsterfrämjandet.

....and YES, I would like to build a oven like this and use as a BBQ at the Stable at home....

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