Stockholm stories

I received a yellow box when I met Vicky  at our presslunch for Husräddarna 
after saying I really like your watch.

Stockholm on water. 

The box contained a brown version of the watch I liked. 

Stockholm by fountain. 

So today I put on my brown leather shoes. 

Put my new #StyleEntry#nupop watch on and give thanks. 
Thank you!! -- It is cool to give.

Had to take a long walk around all my favorite places.

My favorite scent even matched my new watch. 

Working with Nyström&Persia and really have taken a liking to their floorlamp in glass, copper and leather. 

There is lots more to tell about the giving and recieving of this watch and what the man behind it does. I´ll get back on the subject. 

 Enjoy the day 


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Martin sa...

Sjukt snygg klocka! Nu ska det googlas!