House of Palladium

Walked in to a for me new store called House of Palladium here in Lund, Skåne. Seen from the outside, you can tell it has been a movie theatre once. 

Welcomed by cosy seating and a rattan style of chair I like.  I walk in to the store and walk around and find that they have Watt&Veke lamps and lots of wonderful interior things. So I think to myself, Soomkai would fit here...I walk up and ask : I see that you have light fixtures from Watt&Veke, -why do you not have Soomkai since you like the rattan&bamboo? 

- The woman in charge of the store looks at me and points at the entrance from which I came. 

There in  a beautiful round room with a metall wallpaper from Mr Perswall I like, Soomkai soared above my head. 
How lovely!

We have a meeting on Thursday at House of Palladium. Will get back with more pictures from this wonderful store. 

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