Stable boardwalk balcony

On the south side of the Stable along the old declining cement wall (to the left) we built a staircase going down to the lawn, that will be a great place to sit as well. Therefor the steps were made wider so it will be more comfy to sit here.

Our closest beach is Lomma where we go often for walks with the dogs.

Boardwalks seen at the closest beach are definitely the inspiration for this part of our balcony/terrace and stairs.

Found this beautifully worn piece of wood on the beach. Think it will have to be placed right over the entrance gate to the garden.

The facade was just done before we started to build the balcony

Evening light by the beach.


We are on the way but not ready yet. Have ordered more of the same size of planks. They ran out after we built our long fence and we just were done with the part above the staircase/seating. Will off course be back to show how it turnes out.

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