Upstairs action

From here you see the opening in the upstairs floor and where Im standing taking the picture is about where the bed will go. Now its time to decide about the color of the wooden floor. The half mooon window put in by the former owner sadly is so rotten from water that has come through it, due to the bad installing. We have to think of getting a new window before this falls down sadly...

We have just opened the floor for the coming staircase

Really like the  window that is over the eastern entrance door. It makes the ceiling look taller and lets in the sun in such a beautiful way in the evening.


The slanting walls/ceiling and the beams aswell as the floor has to be painted. The  ceiling/walls will be white but the wooden floor wants color. Green color. 

Checking the chart to make a decision in the daylight.

S 3060-G40Y är vad det blir.  Since we are two to decide in this house I can not take charge of everyting even when it comes to interiors - we both have to have our opinions in our home. The compromise made is this color...and if we change our minds....we can always paint again.

-AND GREEN IT IS!!!       

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