Concrete electricity

The choice to let the electricity partly run in metal piping on top of the walls really stand out and is a statement and I´m very happy with. My Beloved and I have been in such agreement over this and that is also a plus I must say

Outlets in 40´s European style in black makes a difference. 

The ceiling outlets for the kitchen lamp+ ceiling outlet if we would like to connect something on the kitchen table for easy use. 

So you see the piping runs all over and creates a pattern in a wonderful unique way.

Time also today to oil the concrete floor. Using Osmo hard wax oil 3032  that works for concrete. 

Wanting the floors to not be shiny and perfect we have not polished them to perfection before oling them on purpose. 

We have made them look like the are the old floors and now oiling them do get a deep grey and a worn wonderful patina.

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