Show off electricity

To get all the electricity we need for modern living in the old stables we have a old way of going about it. Instead of trying to fit all of the cables for electricity needed in the walls, we will show of some of them in the way that Stables did when electricity was a new comodity and was drawn in to old Stables that had none before. One used metall piping and dividers like the one above. So instead of all the trends of hiding electricity wiring we will do all we can to show it of.

Piping in white metal is what we are going for. Some of the wiring will go in the wall and be hidden in the floor, but some will be shown off.

The metal piping will be held in place by these small plates.

This is the work of our electrician, who marks what will go where on the walls.

Lots of work is put in by our electrician now to get all the cables and wiring for everything needed in the Stable from kitchen appliances to bedroom lighting. Since some of it will go in the floor and after that the cement floor will be poured out it needs to be perfect!

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