Cement flooring

The whole process has taken so long I can not even begin to tell you.
First we saw so many company´s that we discarded that offered to take care of doing and delivering the cement flooring. In the floor naturally the electricicty has to go and the heating so that has to been done before, but we met so many that charged so much it was ridiculous.
Finally we found the right company to deliver the cement and that is what the truck is doing right now - the cement is flowing from the truck through the pipe and into the Stable where we together with a hired help ,specialiced in cement, take care of the flow of grey masses.

Feels soooo good we finally are getting our cement flooring!

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me and alice sa...

Så spännande Jimmy! Finns inget snyggare än cementgolv. Vi var i ett hus och jobbade förra veckan som hade det snyggaste diamantslipade cementgolv jag sett.
Kram Susanne