Door to door experiences

An industrial blue metal door can be so inspiring. This one I found in Malmö, Sweden.

Metal ornaments on a wooden door in Lund, Sweden.

Powerdoor. Wood off course with metal studs. Very impressive. Barcelona, Spain.

Large angel above your door feels safe and welcoming.

A beautiful simple wooden double door with a small angel above and and the eight that here looks like the eternity symbol, don´t you think?

Keyholes can look this beautiful

For a more stylish knock knock knock. 

Door ornaments. Not decoration any longer. Sooooo inspiring. Saw these in Sitges, Spain.

The ornaments are made in metall on the wodden door. A technique used in Sweden aswell on church doors.

These doors a few of my favorites I´ve seen this summer.
Doors say so much. About the house. The owner. The times.

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