A bright idea

A colorful cord kept at the right height with the nifty device you see above, and a simple bulb set in black is all you need sometimes.

What about a cement holder for you bulb ? 
Nud collection got it for you. 
NUD is one of the fun finds at Stockholm Fair Formex , that also has all the colorful cords you can dream up. 

The Formex 16-19 of Aug was more inspirational with the unexpected. The exhibitions that were comissioned from Formex only the ODD NEST by Oddbirds offered any inspiration for me. 
The others seemed more interested in showing graphic knowledge than interior inspiration.

The beauty of Mimou for next season at 
Formex this Aug.

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me and alice sa...

Gillade också Odd birds nest på mässan. Man ville bara gå runt där och pilla på allting.
Dom kan dom där tjejerna!