Back on track

Let a tree go through your ceiling or grow out from a wall or form a  green wall between two houses like this one I saw in Sitges, Spain.

Clothes inspire me. Want to make more cushions out of old jeans. The beeds make for great decoration both on your jeans as well as on the right type of furniture. 

WANT a house with a straw roof NOW! 
Sooo beutiful!! LOOOOOOOOVE!!

Flowers in a bowl show your energy of the day. The simpler the bowl the better...
Me love :)

Spanish style : Tile numbers on your house. Why not ?

Can you ever have enough flowers inside your house, or ouside for that matter ?

Concrete pot covered with all your seashells found this summer.

Half-timbered house in English. Korsvirkes hus in Swedish. Have red brick ever been more beautiful ?  A wall or a whole house. Always right. Always red. Together with black wood it´s a hit. 

Don´t be square. Who ever thought windows had to be ? Live life more round. 

Summer for me has been celebrated on the westcoast of Sweden in Varberg or in Skåne where my love lives and by the mediterranean in Sitges and  Barcelona. Offcourse in Stockholm aswell as outside of Uppsala where my friends have renovated an old school house. Summer is a state of mind. 
Look at my summerstate in pictures. 
Good to be back on track blogwise.
Hope you all had a good summer so far.
I sure did. And for all of you that have winter were you live, hope its a good one :) 
My vacation is over for this summer and you find me here again with more stories to tell. 
See you tomorrow :)

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