Milan Design Week moved to JUNE 2020

The Milan magazine  Corriere della Sera wrote an article that I was apart of a couple of years ago. They sent me this fine photo of the article and a Milano fika that I just used as a backdrop for the Corona virus change of date. 

Milan Design Week moved from April to 
JUNE 15-21 2020

So impressed with the speed of which this international mega event in Italy has been moved due to the Corona virus situation. 

Rosanna Orlandi Master Gallery, Via Matteo Bandello 14

So this spring I will not sit in the outdoor restaurant at Rossana Orlando and check the blooming wisteria and sip on ridiculously expensive moderately tasty wine in a plastic cup that I have come to love because in June me and my husband(!) will be working in Brasil!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II

To take an epidemic serious is naturally the way to go. Last time Milan was a center for a force majeure was 15 April 2010 when volcano ashes spread over 26 countries air space two days later all flights were cancelled the same day most visitors at the worlds largest furniture event in Milan needed to get back home. I among 300 000 interioristas wanted to get back home and could not. In the end we all got home but a virus of a kind that spreads like the 
Corona is not what you want 
threatening your city. 

Thank you Milano Design Week 
for changing to June 2020!

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