Enlightened chain reaction duo

2 X Blockchain means 16 cubes

This weekend I spent more time at home alone then I think I have done in a VERY long time.

I had friends coming over to help me pack, but Marcello my husband is in Brasil (yes it is spelled with a Z in english but in portuguese with a S) working and since I choose to stay home as much as possible due to the Covid-19/Corona virus I have been home more than normally this past week.  

As I spend more time at home I always tend to see what I can improve in our home and lighting is something that 
always is an issue. 

Blockchain by Markus Johansson for Oblure

I fell for Blockchain you see above right away. I get all kind of interior design news every week in my inbox but this stood out.  
Created by Markus Johansson for Oblure this hip to be square pendant lamp was supposed to be launched at Light & Building in March 2020 but due to ...Corona was postponed to September. 

Blockchain pendant by Markus Johansson for Oblure

Oblure based in Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden explain that Blockchain by 
Markus Johansson was a great challenge to preserve the original design in the product development info a final product. 

Blockchain consist of eight cubes. Four of them has a built in LED panel, which is replaceable by the user. This was made possible by crafting a new custom-made tool to be able to carefully remove and install the LED panel. 

Markus explains " For me it is important that the design can last, both as a timeless design object but also that the user easily can change the LED when that day comes. Today it is now always like that, there are products out there that can not be supplied with spare parts"

"One major thing for me was to align the LED with the edge of the square cubes for the light to spread. We tried to use standard solutions but to hide a small bulb in the cubes hindered the light and casted shadows where we did not want them". 

A play on words between “chain” and “chandelier” by Italian David Groppi when he was looking for a chandelier, something new, but classic resulted in the ChainDelier

Davide Groppi wanted something simple, 
but with character. Like a pearl necklace.

ChainDelier is a golden chain 
that bends under its own weight, 
creating a perfect parabola (a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side)  

Shining with golden rays like a modern version of a 
chandelier from Versailles is the intention.  
It is at the same time simple and linear. 
ChainDelier can be whatever the user wants it to be, 
inserting more chains and/or lighting devices, 
with the lights facing up or down. 
The number of lighting combinations makes this 
lamp truly unique and has already been awarded : 

Do you feel enlightened by this chain duo?
Since I will be moving in April ( if I can travel out of Sweden at that time...) I will not do any changes at home in Stockholm at this point, but I will definitely think of using this enlightened chain duo in my coming designs.  

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