Halm i inredning 2019 på Halmens Hus

Halm i inredning 2019 öppnar idag 8 juni på 
Halmens Hus i Bengtsfors, Dalsland  ⭐️🌾

Welcome to Straw in interiors 2019 at Halmens Hus ⭐️🌾

Cocreation starts with joy and these two superwomen have plenty of this going on as you can see. Maria&Sofia run Halmens Hus and along with all of the remarkably talented artisanals in Dalsland around Bengtsfors and all of Halmens Hus coworkers we have been able to create something unique. 

We had a great start workshop with our local artisanals that led us to designing these products coming out of halm/straw for todays home. 

I am so happy to welcome you to our opening today or anytime you like until the 1st of September. And you know, have fun. I know we did! 

Vi vet vad halm var förr, men vad är halm i inredning 2019?

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