Paulista back in São Paulo

Marcello to the right and me to the left. Behind us on Avenida Paulista  with the significant red columns you see MASP : Museo de Arte de São Paulo that you can see the grand view o f on the bottom of the post. We will go to the Lina Bo Bardi exhibit. The architect that created MASP 
which exhibit is going on now 
at MASP.
Stay in touch.  

We´re in the gigantic melting pot of 

São Paulo, Brasil

Here to meet with the leading actress and producer of a coming theatre production that Marcello & I will work with next year if 
goes well. 

Its our first all four 
meeting after having a Whats
App type of communication 
All four being the producer, director, leading actress 
an me


So we are keeping our 
fingers crossed that
will go well so that Marcello will direct and I will do 
the scenography 
his Excellence 

All the prints above is found on the facade and are created by  of the store where the art outside  has been  changed 117  times since the opening 2009. 

Marcello is a true Paulista
He has lived in São Paulo for over 20 years. I have just been here once over 10 years ago to visit my friend Andre Matarazzo who is a true Paulista as well. 

Get free travel tip around the world with Andre and Gui See the great travel guide of Two Free Guys as both site and Instagram

 This is one of the old looks of the facade of El Cabriton, where the Projeto Fachada continues. See more facades from the project HERE.

See more on Projeto Fachada here & check their unique T shirts as well

Mulheres no topo 
meaning WOMEN ON TOP.
São Paulo is doing all to elevate women of Brasil where Rio de Janeiro needs separate subway cars to transport women due to sexual 
assault SP is providing a free zone and the subway does not have the same problem at all. 

What not to miss in SP for me is the tree-lined street of Rua (street) Oscar Freire, streching from Alameda Casa Branca to Avenida Doutor Arnaldo in the Jardin Paulista district of SP that is divided into Jardin/Garden regions. 

In the charming and San Fransisco feel style street you find everything from fantastic restaurants to all Euro brands like Armani to Brasilian brands like Osklen that you need to remember because I will talk about again cause I really like what they do. 

Can not but 
L O V E 
all of the ways 
that plants 
are celebrated 
and sold 
in the 
joyful way here in 

São Paulo

Trianon Park conecting to Avenida Paulista does not only supply lungs to the enormous city of SP but offer current art 

Here you see the colorful sculptures of 
Exhibit is called "Quem sou eu" "Who I am"

Hear and see Caetano Veloso sing about his São Paulo in "Fora da ordem" which means without order that is a great way of describing this enormous metropolis without boundaries and with so much creativity cooking in all art forms and cultures that its impossible to not get smitten. 

Caetano Veloso sing about his São Paulo in "Fora da ordem" which means : without order.

The Brazilan duo of Irmãos (brothers in Portuguese) Campana designed for the iconic Brasilian brand Melissa that has a gallery type of shop of Rua Oscar Freire that keep changing the facade as well. 

Right now it has this gold type 
of building block look.  
Will get back to this cool shop I promise! 

The vertical green gardens are 
almost as many as the 
alternative ways of 
getting about town.

São Paulo, Brasil

I leave you for now with a view over
Parque Trianon (its not my drone, its free stock photo)
leading all the way up to
design landmark
beyond all that opens this lovely totally
marvelously MAD METROPOLIS 

(...might update this, so check  in again if this is your idea of a interesting metropolis)

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