West coast love

Last year I was here at Getterön, Varberg at my family home from early spring. This year  I get to introduce Marcello to my father and  just made it down for the current heatwave. Marcello met mom in Stockholm when she came to show her suede clothes collection earlier in spring. 

I love this spot. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen this fav spot before. My Embrace original design for Jimsch by the  pond with a seatcushion of suede made for my own company Jimmy Schönning HEM

Mom offered home made Elderflower lemonad as we arrived. LOVE!  The scent from the sweet pea floating (in my Chemistry vase for Jimsch) reaches my nose before the elderflower taste reaches my tastebuds. My mother really knows what I like taste wise and spoils me. 

The little cottage where we spend our nights and maybe a siesta a warm day like this. 

The water lilies in the small pond never disappoints. 

 Post swim gathering at the natural stone sofa. Mom to the left. My brothers middle child, my nephew by her. The youngest of the three standing. My gorgeous sister in law next to my brother. Miss Morris on the ground cared for by Marcello. We are missing my bother´s teenage son and my father who probably is watching some incredibly important golf or soccer game on tv.

Not really warm for a brazilian but it feels good to cool off (at least after...)

Getting some sea solitude as i call it is the name of the game. Västra Getteröns Naturereserve next to the sea is unchanged from my childhood and is amazing to return to. 

A visit to Varberg Fortress is a must. 

Love this life. 

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