Notorious Nendo in Milano

The long lines that formed by the excited design crowd waiting for Japanese studio Nendo which exhibition set in several tents, hung with all black textile interior, explore the relationship between people and objects with its Milan Design Week exhibition, which featured unconventionally designed everyday objects and my personal favorite :  alternatives to the traditional zipper.

The Forms of Movement exhibition posed the question whether everyday objects can conduct motion.Presented in Milan's Tortona district as part of the Superstudio venue, it showcased 10 designs that deal with the concept of movement.The furniture set below in white against the black backdrop are model furniture from 3-5 cm height. On the bottom of this post you see the same type of chair as the model but now in "normal" size.

A model set of Nendo furniture also seen as full size versions. 

Exploring techniques that traditionally are thought of being used for certain materials and see how they work in another setting.  Here using traditional basket weaving technique but with light metal. 

In Nendo´s  work with YKK zippers this astonishingly beautiful design emerged. 

The exhibit consists of 10 rooms divided by walls and black textile backdrop covering everything. We are led through the Nendo maze by graphic signs (se the bottom of the post) and each room contains a new aspect of working with  product design from the motion perspective. 

 Here is the full size version of the model from above where the design was first presented.

The graphic presentation of the exhbit is my favorite. The Nendo aesthetics at it´s best.  The bare minimal left to do the job of communicating their design philosophy.

If you are interested in seeing more of Nendo from the post when I see their exhibit at Holon Design museum in Tel Aviv

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