J I M S C H | sneak preview

Sneak preview of the JIMSCH Urban Winter Garden collection photo by Per Magnus Persson

Finally I can start showing you more of Jimsch. I love to cook (and eat) My thoughts of my own tableware and what they should look like started way back when I worked with a TV cooking show taking care of the display of the food. 
The contrast of a sand white bowl with a line of black against a mat black plate, makes for a timeless look with a modern appeal in my eyes. I see these two opposites together. Like Yin&Yang they compliment each other. Stoneware made by hand in Portugal I´m so happy to show you the plates& bowls from the series I call Contrast, light&dark. 

The cutlery named Flat Iron with it´s uneven raw feel works well, going against the round shapes of the plates. Read more about the tableware at Instagram @jimsch.se I will show you more of the cutlery later.

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