D A N I E L L A | does jimsch

Photo and styling by Daniella Witte

Stylist and photographer Daniella Witte interpreted the JIMSCH style and you can see it on her Elle Deco blog
Daniella and I have met mostly in Stockholm for work but we live 15 min drive from each other.

So when I came over to show the JIMSCH collection and explain my thoughts and design for  the first time, I came to her lovely home that is featured in Elle Decoration 
I just stopped. I walked around quiet....and it´s not often I´m silent(!)  Her home is just the magic place that you imagine seeing the images that she creates.

The vase you see in the photo is called Chemistry and the solid mango wood head I call Wigstock. It seems to be Daniella´s favorite when you read her blog. Stay in touch at Instagram @jimsch.se

See you soon 


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