J I M S C H by Jimmy Schönning

Finally and happily I can present JIMSCH by Jimmy Schönning that has been my secret for such a long time I was about to explode right about now. At the FORMEX Stockholm fair Aug 24th we will have the release party going on for the whole week and show the interior collection I have been working with without saying anyting until now.  This extravagant interior project could never have come to pass if it was not in close collaboration with Interstil Sweden. They have given me the power to do what I never would have been able to do on my own. Thank you!
The summer has been spent shooting the images of the collection of interiors I will tell you lots more about as we come closer to the end of Aug always at  Instagram account @jimsch.se and soon at www.jimsch.se

I am so happy to say that this feels amazing
and I realluy  hope that you will like JIMSCH as much as I do. 

All the best


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