Holiday season. December in Sweden is cold. Sometimes there is snow. Sometimes there is just darkness and rain in the southern parts where we live, whilst in the North there is usually enough snow for skiing this time of year.

Sun sets at 3.30 pm this season. St Lucia, the 13th of December is thought to be the longest night. The most darkness you can experience in our hoods. In historic times equal to mysterious happenings. 

 Your home is your sanctuary. To celebrate the light as you do for St Lucia the 13th of December is a joy. 

To gather for four Advent Sundays at home is to get together and just enjoy food and drink indoors.

To love to be together.  To enjoy the warmth and light. To get out of the winter darkness. To make the most of it. 

All interiors photographed by my long time friend and superskilled photographer Per Magnus Persson and created by me. 


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