P O S T | greetings

For me to get a letter the old fashioned snail mail way is a treat. Not so much the ones you know has to do with your bills, but the other kind. 

The kind you see and get this good sense within just from spotting it. The envelope that speaks to you. I did not send X mas cards for many years, but I have started again. I don´t send hundreds. I send a few selected ones to friends and family that I want them to know I feel for them. 
To make, write, seal and send off these is the start of the  holiday feeling for me. 


Since it is so easy to have your own cards made, I just made mine online inserting my own pictures. The window on the card is the old stable windows the first winter before we changed them. They looked so amazing as the winter cold crept in, but did not keep the cold out, so they had to go. But - thanks to these pictures that now came to be the X mas cards I will never forget them.

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