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My suede adventure started at my parents with my mother whom many call Mocka Marianne. Mocka is Suede in Swedish. 

My mother has designed and sold her own suede brand 
Mocka of Sweden
since I was a kid, so from idea to reality in creating a small line of suede interior accessories, was not very far
 I had very good help with the start up and knew long before it was done what I wanted the design to look like.

Both pillows, runner and throw are things I use at home myself and like a lot. 
So therefor it is easy for me to sell and talk about this amazingly beautiful and long lasting material. 

You find more info about the suede series at the webshop found through www.jimmyschonning.com

Thank you for stopping by today. Hoping you will find a gift (or four)  to yourself or your loved ones today. 

We start at 00.00 the 13th of December, Advent&St Lucia, and end the half price at 00.00. 

Just email your  suede request and write ADVENT in the subject column to js@jimmyschonning.com

 Happy Holidays and Merry X mas!


Photo Peter Knutsson

Table runner

Pillow Nr 1&2 and throw

Suede cover nr 2 60x60 on the floor.


Nr 1 Suede pillow cover. Front&back suede. Hidden zipper. 40x40cm 870 sek * ADVENT price 435 sek

 Nr 3 Suede throw 130x180 cm. See it spread in the pictures above, 3000 sek * ADVENT price 1500 sek

 Nr 4 Suede Runner 50x130 cm, 940 sek * ADVENT price 470 sek

Nr 2 Suede pillow cover 60x60. Hidden zipper. Front&back suede, 1 100 sek * ADVENT price 550 sek

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