P O W D E R | pink musical

When I heared of Vibekes pink wishes and love of 50´s dresses I immediately thought of  a GREASE (movie/musical) inspired room but today. Husräddarna, TV3 episode 6 the pink edition.

The 50´s makeup table in teak was a net find. The wall Hay wall rings and hand got some powder pink coats of paint as well. The Hay chair on wheels is such a perfect 50´s to 2015 type of seat.

Copper piping as a display wardrobe partly painted with a powder pink metal paint. Closet Lumi doors got a wallpaper from Photowall that I also cut pieces from and used freely as a enhancer.

Looking like painted roses on old wood. Worn&wonderful. LOVE what the right wallpaper can do for an interior, Rebelwalls

The bedside lamps are attached from the ceiling. I just added the white ghost blanket. Both from Jotex

All dressed and ready to rumble.

Handy. Wooden hand, HAY.

More of a pink thread in this interior.

Else-britt is a real 50´s girl. A full size manequin. Almost intact...

The frilly type of underskirt like, tutu gone mad lamp threesome, is the most fun object I found at Ikea for a long time.
The bed is made with Zebra Collection, Ilva and Jotex

A fifties type of easy chair but today just went perfect in the corner,Ekeby Möbler. The real car lamp from a 50´s car turned out great in a power pink coat of paint and with new lights installed. TACK JONNY!