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Finding your home in flames is a trauma that you might never really recover from. The family at Husräddarna, tv3 had a 200 year old house that burnt down. So when it was rebuilt they really had to think of how to translate the old and the new into their new home. 

This is how it turned out when Fredrik, Åsa (parents) and I had selected from what was history and what was future together to make their new home. 

Bedroom bliss is created with knowing what makes you relax.

The bedside table was made from an inherited  table (hidden under a old table cloth and a chairs on top in the barn)  that had 4 legs before the chop. Now there is one side (post chop) of the table on each side of the bed. Paint was a great makeover in this case. The matching with the headboard/doors helps a lot. The color chosen is a hue from the wallpaper that Åsa&Fredrik found and both loved.

A linen bed with contrasting hues and double up or more of everything, Kardelen.

Candle light for atmosphere, Terrible Twins. Wall light for night reading, Markslöjd.

A bed side tree.

 I made a spheric/round lamp out of a cheap Ikea lamps. Two halves made a whole with a thin white fabric covering it. Tied with a thin thread to make a tassel type ending.  So much fun with unique lighting!Use LED bulbs for they do not produce any heat for a completely secure installation.  

& pillows naturally. Who can live without them? These from Mimou

The antique sofa was a find and a wish especially from Fredrik that I find a place for. Love the mix of styles in this room and the sofa does a great role in this. Floor lamp, Markslöjd.

Hay tray tables became plantholder and side table. Lovely!

Check in tomorrow as well and I will tell you all about the LIVING room and the hallway from Åsa&Fredriks home, in lots of pic´s naturally. 

/ Jimmy 

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