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Hanging lanterns, 
Living Story

The glass room/conservatory is where it all happened. This space is where our family at TV3, Husräddarna gathered. This is where, from early spring to late fall, dinner was enjoyed. I did my best in taking in all that the family wanted and this his how it turned out.

Lots of room for each person. 6 large chairs easily fits. Comfort being a priority. Don´t you just love the legs of this LARGE table. LOVE IT! Table&chairs,  Living Story.

Now...the mother in the family said : I want a plastic carpet in the glass room/conservatory for easy cleaning. 

I felt like talking her into lots of other solutions but sensed this was a battle I should not take. 
So I went looking for plastic carpeting and found this marrocan tiles looking type of vinyl flooring from Tarkett. You would never have guessed, huh?

A room without plants is a dead space. The pots and the ivy both hanging and climbing as well as the long stemmed olive trees like this type of not heated glass conservatory, pots&plants from Ljungleds Plantskola.

Seats for everyone. Here is were everyone gathers. So lots of comfy chairs and two sofas. Sofa and matching chairs, Living Story. Pillows and tray table, Interstil. Pot and plants, Ljungleds Plantskola.

A mixed style with moroccan feel with lots of room for dinner and seating adorned with greens.

Table & flooring doing a dance together. See it? 

Night time at the oasis

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