Potted P L A N T wall

  Hoby Mosse house&stable from afar.

We wanted to make this divide wooden wall come alive with some plants and this is how it turned out. Francisco came up with the idea and went to work.

A heavy rain came down just after we planted and hung all the pots. 

This is how nice a plain terracotta pot can look hanging. 

All you need is a terracotta pot  and the plate for it and some chicken wire that you wrap around it and over the top.

Use the pot you have you did not know what to do with. 

Terry was a great help.

Using what you have at home, well maybe you have to get chicken wire,you can make your own plant wall. You can attach a piece of wood in the back to make it not hang at an angle. The chicken wire lets you hang the pot easily on a good hook screwed to the wooden surface. 

Are you going to try ? 
Will let you know how the plants turn out here this summer. 

/ Jimmy 

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