M I L A N E S E | lightness of being around

To sit on Vincent Van Googh is now made possible in the most deligthful way, 
thanks to Dutch NLXL 
Stool designed by Piet Hein Eek that we will see a lot of. Like the use of images that is normally what NLXL does to wallpaper, but this time to furniture.

Getting lost in Milano can end up in the most wonderful way. Love this entrance!
Just had to take a picture.

This is velvet entered into cement. Just love it! What do you think ?

This armature is to my liking.A Moooi fixture that sadly costs more than 3000 €.

Love the usefulness of the table and several light sources.

NLXL really stayed with me. This wallpaper with it´s 3D effect 
of enlarged bone ware spoons I just want to find the right place imidiately!

When you hear Grey Pants you probably do not think of lighting.

 But apparently you should. These cardbord (YES!) fixtures done in the most alluring sensual forms not only are beautiful lamps, they are produced out of recycled cardboard and made with thought of every part of the process. Read more at Grey Pants.

In Sweden find Grey Pants lighting at Form12Brands

IMPORTANT to get is that these lamps are not something that feels like you use and discard. The cardboard is treated and they will last just like the design.
Really have fallen for this cardboard style of light and shadow that they create. Lovely!  

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