G A R D E N days Liseberg

Miss P and the other dogs + Missi (our cat) had friends for company at the Stable and we left for Gothenburg or to be precise - Liseberg.

 The Garden days at Liseberg was our goal and we came just at the right time to judge by this amazing Magnolia.

 Must say that the theme park Liseberg was really prepared for the event with flowers and trees in perfect bloom. The gardiners at Liseberg and all involved should be very proud of what they achieved.

 Sarah Widman trend exhibit at Liseberg Garden days

 Wallpaper that imitates green vegetation as well as greens in pots collected in a still life with lighting set like an early spring morning.

Cutting edge furn. 

Cacti and fig.Playwood boxes for pots and a black backdrop draw attention.I love the look!

 Above and below you see Sarah Widman´s interpretation of four garden trends which were explained as ....(can you pick the trend ?)

  • Nordic Graphic
  • Boho Garden 
  • Urban Greenery
  • Remake 
 What Sarah Widman presented on the main stage at Liseberg was the backbone of the Garden Days at Liseberg. 

Apart from the gardeing effort from the park itself it was the Sarah Widman exhibit that was the inspiration of the event.

Sarah Widman greenhouse in black with a dinner table and benches and plenty of cacti. 

Shaker style hanger along the wall with the extremely popular wooden cutting boards that has invaded all interioristas that do styling jobs. 

 To build a seating and/or table around a tree is a great ideá and inspiration. Have been wanting to do that around my own apple tree in the garden. Maybe this summer it will materialize...

Great companions makes for a great day. Thank you Mother and Francisco for  a rainy but wonderful evening at Liseberg. We went to see Alcazar afterwards doing their Disco Defenders show at Rondo. That was showstopper filled show. Do not miss it!!

/ Jimmy

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