Wroooom! (sort of...)
The new year of 2015 is fast. 
Loving all that it has in store. 

I am so thankful for all of 2014. 
We shot and broadcasted a whole series of Husräddarna for TV3

Out of the TV show we also made a series of 7 articles in Leva&Bo Expressen that ran along side the airing of the show every week. 

From all of my own homes that I have renovated through the years  making them my own I had also made a series of articles that have been published in magazines all over the world (not trying to exaggerate - it´s acutally more countries than I can remember...)

This time we remade the articles about the 7 JS homes into a series that ran in Härligt Hemma, Aftonbladet for 7 weeks. 

The JS HEM blog have been telling the story of the conversion of the Hoby Stable to our HOME all year as well as looking at news and interiors that makes you happy and will continue to tell my views and interior ideas with the purpose to inspire. 

Since summer of 2014 JS HEM is also on Instagram. Follow us and find inspiration for your home. 

Last news letter told of the NEW  Husräddarna 2015 that is in full progress now. 

Soon I will be able to tell you more about the series of products with a specific purpose that is a dream come true that is being designed for Swedish Axlings together with owner Fredrik Axling. 

Since mid 2014 I am working on new products for English Atmosphere that I will tell you more about in this formidable year of 2015 that is saying 


Let´s make the best of it!

/ Jimmy 

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