In conjunction with the Formex Fair in Stockholm Granit invited to a press event. News and coming attractions in a tiled photo studio at Södermalm in a building that used to be a factory on Åsögatan. 

Some things shown here will come in later this year and some already exist in all  stores.

Artist Liselotte Watkins Falk has designed  a graphic pattern for Granit that is used on boxes intended for making the walk-in-closet smart & stylish. Off course we all see clever use of these good looking storage boxes in many places. 

Happy to see the hanging pots are coming back in many shapes like these at Granit press show. The large glass vessels are wonderful that you see on the worktop containing plants.

Colorful and tasty - made  with love and only with the best ingredients and sooooo tasty was the raw food extravaganza from Leva Kungslador 


Favorites from Granit that I keep using for work, as a gift to young and old, and for myself to keep track of storage. 

Your own print station. No need to carv in stone. You got the Granit set!

Will be on the look out for homes that I work with that need these gymnastic fun and cool looking rings. I think I have a boys room coming up that I am doing the interiors for that it will fit perfectly.Really like them!!

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