Log on

Our chestnut tree first was divided in two in the Simone storm this past fall. So we decided to remove the tree since we understand that it fell due to it not being in good health...so to speak. 
But we did not want to get rid of it compeletetly. Wanted it to have a permanent place in the garden. So there was a whole lot of chainsawing that needed to be done. AND the removing of all the branches that fell on the lawn...Great workout I must say. Did not need the gym that day.

First the back of the chair

Then the seat of the logchair

Can you see the outline of the chair that the chainsaw has made ?

TA DA!!! The log chair is born from our former chestnut tree!! Wow!!

Since we needed help with a bigger Husqvarna, mine was to small for a whole tree. Also taking down a tree of this size requires experience and I have none of that kind. So we had great help of Jörgen who then had his chain ruined from this huge nail that we then found....

Last but not least. THANK YOU O`CHESTNUT TREE for becoming a LOG CHAIR. LOG ON!

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