A playful compact room

In the second HR I designed two boys room.
A small space with room to play and place for cuddly textile friends and fast toy cars was  needed.  Bunk beds  was a must, so that as many guests can stay at the country house as possible.

Most walls were left white, but two squares and one arrow was painted in green hues. 
The lamp with its inviting growing greenery became both art and light.

The bespoke shelf built to hold Teddy´s and toy cars with a ramp for the cars to go down is both fun and storage. Underneath there are hangers for the Spiderman cape.  

Display toys and and let storage be decorative.

A pouch made from a fun textile holds the favorites bedside.


Decoration with a purpose. A great looking framed alphabet from Kids Concept. 

Lots of pillows makes for a cosy feel in the bed. It also creates more comfy seating.

A bed in a childs room should never be properly made, still the room can be tidy..

Paining sections of walls in contrasting color does the trick. Leaving most walls a shade of white for maximum light. 

A playful table just the way we like it!

HR = Husräddarna, Thursdays on TV3

All light fixtures in this room were found here.

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