HR Log cabin bedroom

Bed and beautiful headboard, Carpe Diem Beds

The log wall transforms the room and gives it a feeling of a forest cabin. Erik Hjärfors from Lövjö Loghouse is the expert lumberjack that made it come true.

Bedside table hang from the wall not stealing any of the floorspace. 
It´s not a big room, so everytning counts.
The wall is half wite, half worn brown. 

Basket candle holders.

A branch to enhance the forest feeling.

Hangitall by Eames in black and brown wood from Vitra.

A treetrunk to sit on, Lövsjö Loghouse.

The shadows made by the pendant lamp. Soomkai is found at Watt&Veke.
Headboard and bed from Carpe Diem Beds.

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