Spicy at the Stable

 I think you can figure out what most of the things in this picture are apart from the orange peel hanging from the candle holder. They make great tea after they have dried enough.

 SAGE SAGE SAGE --- not much parsley, some rosemary and some thyme, but mostly SAGE

Winter apples that tastes wonderful. We are making applesauce today to go with the typical goose dinner traditionally served in november in this part of sweden.

The old cast iron stove is as beautilful to look at as it is effective to cook on. Believe it or not!

 Sage, rosemary and orange peel hanging to dry.

Will be the first time ever we will have this many of our own spices to cook with at winter time. 

The old cast iron stove that already was in the stable has such beauty in it self. Now it almost looks like we decorated for X mas with all the spices we have taken in to dry for the winter.

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