Stable Kitchen from scratch

We start with tiles for the walls. Creating the Stables kitchen with a raw feeling of an old Butcher shop.

Now the wall tiles cover the space they should in our L shaped kitchen. The first parting wall for the open shelves that also is the foundation for the worktop, is in place. No cabinets here at all.

 The making of the cement surface with the hole for the sink and the faucet. It will later get tiles. The same type as the wall.

The large whole for the glass induction cook top. Looking forward to be cooking here! 


The sides covered with the white tiles frames the kitchen well. We leave the partition shelf walls in the cement. The black faucet is in place and look good together with the  black electrical outlets in my opinion. Closest to the camera you see the hole for the dishwasher.

Yippie!!!- now the worktops has tiles aswell!!!

Stainless steel sink 
almost ready for use. 

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