San Telmo market

San Telmo is known for the Sunday market, it draws many people out of bed in Buenos Aires to find some antique object or just to look around and enjoy good food or a have a coffey at the cafe´s and restaurants.

The streets are packed with stands to display both arts&crafts and off course a lot of junk aswell. 

The antique shops are many 

San Telmo has many beautiful buildings that needs TLC. This one was calling me :) 

The siphons in blue and green glass seems like the mark of the San Telmo market and also appear in many of the photos that you can buy from photographers that sell their images here. 

This is so me. I found an Argentinian metal car plate from the 70´s. That´s the kind of thing that makes me happy to find at a market like this. It´s also very easy to pack. 
So happy to have a for me unique piece that will forever make me remember my time at the San Telmo market in Buenos Aires. A true souvenir. It will be a part the interiors of my new apt in town for sure. 

If you are going to BsAs feel free to email me your Q or just ask here. 

4 kommentarer:

me and alice sa...

Vilket häftigt fynd! Kommer bli skitsnygg i nya lyan.


Anonym sa...

Hej! Vad härligt att läsa och veta att du har det bra. När kommer du hem? Kram Cattis

marianne sa...

Skulle varit där och botanicerat med dig på allt det vackra..SÅÅÅ härligt

Jimmy Schönning HEM sa...

Kul att se dig här!
Kommer hem den 15 jan på kvällen.