From Lill Lindfors to Vicinius da Moraes and Baden Powell

Rehearsing for our show Nossa Bossa in the summer
heat by the river  in Penedo, Brasil. 

Growing up listening to and 
 loving Lill Lindfors.

Especially her brilliant album 
Du är den Ende from 1967. 

I was born 1967 so I guess 
I learned to to love the song 
Fri som en vind, meaning Free as a wind in Swedish, some time in the 70s.  

When I was in my 20s working with 
music theatre I understood 
the influence of the Brazilian 
music and learned to love Bossa Nova. 

When I heard the song Fri som en vind, 
Free as a wind, in Portuguese called 
Canto de Ossanha it all made sense  

 Had until then never checked who had written the song Fri som en vind with swedish text by Torbjörn Lindroth. The original song called Canto de Ossanha  is written by Vinicius da Moraes and Baden Powell and recorded in many versions globally since it was written in the 1960s. 

The 19th of October 2020 Sanny Alves, 
Marlon Mouzer and I recorded a bilingual duet of Canto de Ossanha in Swedish and Portuguese. 

 The 19th of October is 
the birthday of Vinicius da Moraes 
who was born 1913 and died 9 of July 1980. 

Click to see the post on our day in Lapa,
and our gig at Jazz Village Penedo. 

Our first sound check at Jazz Village Penedo.
Marlon Mouzer gitarr, Sanny Alves and me on lead vocals. 

In January 2021 we premiered 
our show Nossa Bossa at 
where we performed Canto de Ossanha 
in Portuguese and Swedish as a 
duet live for the first time apart 
from rehearsing by the river 
in our garden 5 minutes 
from Jazz Village where I live in Penedo. 

Our first live gig with Canto de Ossanha
as a duet at Jazz Village Penedo 
Sanny Alves, Marlon Mouzer and me. 

Togther with  Anderson Carvalho we create a 
 music video of our duet version of
 Canto de Ossanha. 

Anderson not only choreographed himself dancing, 
he cut the video so I call 
him our visual over all artist.  

 born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil. 
Currently living in the Netherlands. 

Canto de Ossanha  Fri som en vind
written by Vinicius da Moraes and Baden Powell. 
Swedish text by Torbjörn Lindroth 
with a new interpretation by me.


shot by the river in 
our garden in Penedo as well as at
 Jazz Village Penedo. Dance choreography
 recored by Anderson Carvalho in Amsterdam, Holland.  

The owner of Jazz Village Penedo where we recored the song
  met Lill Lindfors in the 70s when she was visiting 
Rio de Janeiro. The owner of Jazz Village Penedo 
is a Swedish family the moved to Brazil
 in the 50s and hosted Lill 
as she visited Brazil in the 70s.  

Sanny Alves and me rehearsing in the garden
 at Casa da Ilha where we live in Penedo.
It's a small world. 
Don't you think?

I have emailed Lill Lindfors and will send another mail with our video of Canto de Ossanha Fri som en  vind. 

Lill Lindfors has not answered but I am happy she knows how much she has inspired me and my work and so many with me. I hope she will tour and continue here artistry 
for many years to come. 




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