Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande - Life in Brazil

In a time when travelling is considered dangerous to your health the man going to work in the fishing harbor in Angra dos Reis is wearing a mask biking. The interpretation of prevention and
the use of a face mask in the world is different from culture to to culture that's for sure. 

We are in Angra dos Reis on Costa Verde to ship the material that need to get to our hotel project on the island Ilha Grande.  

Were are in the fishing harbor in Angra Dos Reis to meet the truck with wood and see to the shipping so the cargo gets shipped to Ilha Grande and delivered to the hotel Pé Na Areia 

About two and a half hour drive from Penedo 
where we live in the Serra da Mantiqeira mountains 
we get to Angra dos Reis by the sea 
on the Green Coast or Costa Verde. 

We are in the fishing harbor in Angra dos Reis
 already 05.30

We meet up with the trucker
 and inspect the cargo. 

 Ilha Grande is not far away from the harbor but boat is 
the only way of shipping so that's what we are here to do. 

All of the birds are waiting for the fishing boats 
to come in with a fresh catch. 

The trip to Angra dos Reis was two months ago. The hotel rooms, restaurants and mini galleria is right now being perfected. 

Hotel Pé Na Areia

Last year we started and this week we open the
 totally updated Pé na Areia on Ilha Grande. 

It has been a fast project considering the logistics of an Island. 

Pé na Areia

Right  now all the details are put in place 
and the new hotel rooms are being decorated. 

Pé na Areia, Ilha Grande, Costa Verde

Your bedroom, living room, beach galleria 
and favorite restaurant on Ilha Grande. 

Thank you so much for the chance to work with the update and reinvention of Pé na Areia on Ilha Grande. 

My first time in the fishing harbor in Angra dos Reis

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