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The front and back of the bamboo sofa structure leaning against the veranda wall. 

We talked about in for almost a 
year and this week it 
came to pass : 

Our Bamboo Furniture Workshop. 

After cutting and drying 
the bamboo, 
Carpenter Rick Viola 
have started the work 
with a rustic sofa. 

the veranda roof of Casa da Ilha

The fresh vegetable market
by the river
in Resende is
open on sundays. 

 Tomate de Arvore or Tomatillo 
and Jilo are new for me. 
There are a lot of new tastes and textures to try.   


Masked outside the tiny Airport. 

We came by an old airport 
from the 1940
 in the middle 
of Resende 
that is used mostly 
for small 
private planes and 
sky divers of all kinds. 

Airport from the 1940´s in Resende. 

Every week there is a 
new flower or plant 
I discover in the 
garden at Casa da Ilha

Bastao do Imperador or Torch Ginger has become a favorite to photograph..

The Garden here at Casa da Ilha 
is huge
 and there is always 
something new to discover. 

Tomate de arvore on the black ceramic plates outside the
kitchen veranda where the pumpkins grow. 

Bamboo Furniture Workshop at Casa da Ilha.

When the sofa structure is ready 
I will enforce the joints with sisal 
rope more for design reasons, 
is the idea. 

We will see how that 
will work out.

Started the Textile, Color and Details Update textile face
 with hanging the just made curtains at 
Hotel Pequena Suecia on wednesday 
evening in 30 degrees celsius was a good workout. 

Hanging curtains at 330 cm height

The terrace at Blekinge room 13

Blekinge room 13 at Pequena Suecia

By simplifying the color choices and creating a painted headboard with a wooden frame. A new back pillow was constructed along with the semi bed cover and new curtains to match. 

Our first room is a test to see what strategy to use in the coming over individual designed 20 rooms we will update slowly but surely. 

Room Blekinge 13 Pequena Suecia

An open fireplace in the bedroom. 

Room Blekinge has a living 
room and a bedroom as well as a 
small roofed terrace and a mini garden. 

Bucha in a bamboo basket

The veranda is where the 
action is but 
manage to lounge anyway. 
most of the time...

Bamboo connection

A week with work at the hotel as well as learning so much about bamboo is really a dream come true. I am so lucky to have found work here in Brasil that I love to do.

 Below you see Bucha pods that have been 
cleaned at the lay in the sun to dry. 
In the shade at the veranda you see the 
Bamboo result of our Furniture Workshop.

If I can create what I would like from this 
sponge material that Bucha is I 
am going to be very content. 

The plan is to make a 
type of organic pendant  
design using Bucha 
as the main material. 

Stay in touch 

Wishing you a good 
week from Penedo, 


Bucha drying in the afternoon sun. 


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