Life in Brasil >The week in Penedo.

Our cats Cattis and Branco love the green metal chairs. 

The 20th of April it will be exactly one year 
ago I arrived in Penedo,Brasil.
Yes I insist spelling Brasil in Português. 
Penedo is a small city in the Mountains 
2 and a half hour drive 
from Rio de Janeiro where my 
husband and I live and work since 
April of last year. 

And yes. 
We are more thankful for having both 
work and a home in times like this. 

Outdoor shower by the sauna

It took a long time but 
finally the sauna 
is all done. 

Our Sauna is in function at last

We built from scratch and insisted in trying to upcycle a 
steel container into a sauna wood fire stove. 

It was a bit troublesome and we 
made misstakes ,which we now 
have corrected thanks to our Blacksmith. 

Now the stones are in 
place on top and we 
fire up almost every 

We now have fall in Penedo and 
winter is coming. 
Winter means lower 
temperatures at night and in 
the mornings especially since 
we are in the mountains at 
1000 meter above sea level.

So a sauna comes in good use.  

Borboleta is butterfly in Português. Yes I am learning a new language

All of the insects and animals and plants 
that I encounter for the first time is endless.

The Bucha plant cut open below is part of a 
new organic product project.

Planted and now harvesting, 
cleaning and drying 
called Luffa Cylindrica. 

Outdoor indoor feeling 
in the living room in our home in 
Penedo at Casa da Ilha, 
which is what we call our home and studio.  

Working with a art project where the Ampula family and I 
are creating a gallery space for the art of Eila Ampula. 
The art carpet on the wall in our living room in brown is 
created by Eila Ampula. Slowly we work towards 
being able to open when the Pandemic allows 
in the old Studio 
now owned by Ampula family. 

Over our living room sofa you see a corner of a
Eila Ampula art carpet
 at Casa da Ilha 

Lighting a lot of candles 
right now. 
Do you?

A dream came true 
in performing 
our show 
Nossa Bossa at 
Nossa Bossa is Sanny Alves, 
Marlon Mouzer and I. 

Started a Color, 
Textile and Details Update 

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Let's have a good week 

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