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Mesh is the name of the table ware series at Rosenthal which is also the
name of a good friend of mine in the hospitality industry in Stockholm.
The tastiest wraps and juices in Sthlm are found at Planet MESH

When first starting out with the  
hospitality segment as 
an interior designer
 I was disapointed because 
I realized that fine ceramics of the artistic kind 
does not really endure a professional 
cafe and restaurant environment. 

Mesh Rosenthal

The good thing is that a company like Rosenthal have 
produced porcelain for over 140 years. 

The factory in Selb, Germany have provided both private 
and professional
markets with the focus on sustainable 
production in the factory in Speichersdorf, 

Mesh Rosenthal

So I like to follow what Rosenthal 
is doing and this private use
 table ware collection 
is being made in a variety
of colors which means 
off course it has been a true success.
Since 2009 Rosenthal is owned by
 an Italian company owned by the American Arcturus Group. 

As you understand the table 
ware for a restaurant
 is its signum.
Just like you want a certain 
style at home, right?

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Tack till : Grand Relations representerar Rosenthal i Sverige.


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