Erica & Christopher won a home consultation for their first home

The gorgeously green kitchen was an easy choice when the young couple moved in to the new built two room apartment in Fruängen, Stockholm built by Åke Sundvall that I worked with in Sweden. 

Moving in together is a mutual decision naturally but deciding which furniture to use in the new home and what to sell or get rid off is difficult for everyone when making one home out of two. 

To know which style to accentuate and how to mix two life styles is not easy for anyone.  

Erica & Christopher won a Home Consultation last year  from me at my lecture dealing with creating a Personal Space called Room for Personality, in Swedish : Personliga Rum. Åke Sundvall who arranged the inspiring evening at Brf Agnes generously supplied the possibility for one of the new owners to win a personal HOME CONSULTATION

20 years ago most home owners did their own interior work when moving in to a new home, but nowadays the 
attitude has changed. 

After years with designers helping out home owners on TV the attitude has changed for sure. 

Thank you so much Erica & Christopher for letting me in to your home and congratulations to your new home and life style you created by just meeting me two evenings two hours at a time. 

The choice to keep the kitchen table in the middle of your kitchen space instead of by the window is what makes your apartment a harmonious 
hit in my opinion. 
Love the retro glass chandelier 
you had the guts to go for it completes your personal style. 

with a view in Fruängen, Stockholm.  

All my best wishes to your new 
home life Erica & Christopher.

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