The week in Brazil 🐢 Life in Penedo

Creative mess at the veranda at Casa da Ilha

The week in Penedo was busy at the building project Maple Bear Bilingual school where both my husband and I have been working the last week. 

Marcello as the head architect has been involved with this project for over 1,5 half year. I just started as a Visual Content Creator mainly for Instagram account of Maple Bear Penedo, where so far 3 of my video content has been posted. 

I have delivered over 100 images so far so I think we will se more there in short. 

Marcello sitting on the roof of the finished school building looking over the mountains that surround Penedo.

 1 of August was the start of the construction and right now the interiors are coming into place at this Canadian bilingual school that will have a garden, a minifarm and a pond right outside as well.

This week the landscaping will be in focus and 2021 in Feb the school will open and the first semester will begin. 

Rain water reuse containers in place at
the construction of  Mable Bear Penedo.

Finding my favorite type of
potted plants
I used to have indoors in Sweden,
 wild in the garden and trying
to replant indoors. 

Bismarckia is a true favorite
among palm trees.
Ran across this beauty
on my way to work 

Getting to know our Redfoted Tortoise
or in Portuguese, 
Jabuti we call E.T
that now is staying with us.  

We had such a wonderful time on the beach
 at Costa Verde,
 the green coast that is a
2,5 drive from Penedo.
The the beach we had to our selves 
for our B day the 3d of October.

Yes. Marcello and I have the same B day!

At Angra dos Reis located on 
Costa Verde you 
take a boat out to Ilha Grande 
where I in a couple of weeks will 
go and see about a hotel renovation
 that is my next interior project. 

Have a good start of the week 

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