Michal Cederbaum and Noam Dover A sort of Homecoming

Photo by Shahar and Ziv Katz

Arriving late is not the way I like to make an entrance, but I am late for the Artist talk where artist Michal Cederbaum and Noam Dover are interviewed by Konstfack  Vice Chancellor Agneta Linton. So I slip in silently and excuse myself.  

When I spotted the green vessels I now know are called "Canvas; Amphorae" on my way to the privat home interior at Linnégatan I am working at the moment I pass Nybrogatan and the gallery , you see in the video above in the window display of Galleri Glas  
I fell in love imidiately. 

The textile sown to create the imprint  in the glass mold. 

 Agneta interviews Michal and Noam that explain : "Canvas;Amphorae" examines the classical amphora. Michal sews strips of canvas together to produce tubes or vase shapes. The tubes are the stuffed hard and plaster moulds are cast. The structure of the textile fabric remains in the surfaces of the blowing mold and is transferred to the glass (!) The surfaces of the glass glide between shiny and matt from the strong pressure of the plaster molds. The memory of the seams in the textile fabric and the texture create patterns and directions. 

See the excavation of the molds when they have cooled down in the video below. What a joy it is seeing the new glass form being born from the wreackage. 

Michal and Noam are both well established artists. Noam has a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden but he and Michal now live, work and  teach in Israel.

 As you see from the video above their glass studio in the outskirts of Haifa, south of Tel Aviv right by the mediterranean is that perfect inside outside workplace that must be the best possible when you work with something as warm as blowing glass. 


See more of their extraordinary work like "Charcoal;Volumes"
of Michal and Noam at their site 


Noam explaining how they feel like disciples of Ennion. 

“Terra-Cotta; Pitchers” examine the high-tech craft techniques of antiquity based on the Roman tradition of vessels. Not far from Michal and Noam’s home is the place where Ennion is thought to have had his workshop 

in the early years of 
the first century AD. 

Ennion was one of glass history’s equilibrists and a genuine “superstar”. He was the first known maker of decorated mould-blown glass. Some 50 objects, marked with “Ennion made me” in relief are documented and can be found in leading collections of glass all over the world. 

A few of these pieces are exclusive pitchers made using a four-part mould with added handles. Scholars also claim that Ennion was the first glassmaker to develop terracotta moulds in order to create multiples of, for example, drinking vessels. Michal and Noam hand on this tradition in their own work.

 With 3D-printed terracotta moulds they trace the mould-blown pitchers’ cultural journey from classical antiquity 
to the present day. 
At the same time they deepen their own understanding of the materials. Through repetition and implementation the map unfolds. It is “A sort of homecoming”.
-Agneta Linton

Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

If you like me really fell for the art of Noam&Michal

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