C as in Crans Montana

We flew into Geneva, Schweiz 
where my friends had rented cars 
without my knowledge. 

This is all part of a surprise 
B-day gift for me, so I know nada...
Driving to Crans Montana is a pure joy with these mountain views and great roads. 
Since this is my 50th Birthday gift I can just sit back and enjoy, which feels more than fantastic I must admit. 

Crans-Montana along with 21 more 
villages, create the Crans Montana 
municipality called Valais.

Cattis & Mattias are our hosts and we arrive at their family apartment were we will stay for these precious days. 

Here in Crans french is spoken 
but english works just fine.    

From left Marcello Jordan. ENORMOUS MERCI : Daniel Stipich, Cattis Berg, Peter Elmquist, Mattias Berg, Johan  Hellström. 

My friends all together in Crans Montana. 
We are here in the mountains to hike and enjoy the nature together (I think...) 

The highest point here is Schneehorn with 
3 177 meter above sea level. We will not climb that high for sure, 
just seeing these extraordinary 
mountains and valleys is enough. 

I love mountains but have not been hiking 
for a very long time. 

Tussilago and me. Photo Cattis Claesson Berg. 

Spring is here.

Flowers are popping up everywhere.

Love every sec!


I found Marcello like this...
The water was not warm.

There is a tranquility here that is like nothing else.
It feels like flying when you hike this high up.  

Pic nic with a view.

Love these typical chalets and want one...

Cattis and Mattias lead the 
way on our first hike. 

We also have a guide one day 
to see more of the mountains and views. 

There are so many larches here. This conifer is a favorite of mine and I love their cones.

The larch that in the fall loses its needles is now full with green new shoots.

Larch conifer cones

Down in the valley we are picked up with jeep that drives us up to 2112 meter and the Chetzeron that faces south and overlooks the Rhone valley and semi green views of the Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc.

We are here to have dinner and drinks. 

Look how much sun our faces got. I look like a stop sign!

The Chetzeron restaurant& hotel has 16 rooms, all with a view over the 
spectacular scenery and slopes. 

As the sun set we feel a 
moment of sheer tranquillity. 

In summer, the cowbells are the only thing that break the peaceful sound of nature.
In winter you ski in - ski out! 

Just love this fireplace. Check the wood paneling that Chetzeron have used all over.
The views over the mountains along with the windows and the seating created alongside these very thick glass windows.  

  Love built in sofas just like this.  

Open plan. Spacious and full of 
design statements as well as ecology. 

The preservation of the ecosystem and the defense of the environment are particularly important to Chetzeron which makes me more than happy. 

The Chetzeron is an ecological building

The preservation of the ecosystem and the defense of the environment are particularly important to us. This is why our building benefits from advanced energy management technologies. Standards are respected for environmental protection, to reduce our ecological footprint to the maximum. Therefore, making no modifications on comfort, activities and the well-being of our clients :
  • 50 m² of solar panels to heat our water
  •         200 m² of photovoltaic panels, to produce electricit
  • A pellet-fired boiler
  • Heat recovery of the refrigeration system
  •         Minergie label for insulation of the building, which is a registered quality label for new and refurbished low-energy-consumtion buildings. 

The mountains and us. 

Since I only talked about the interiors and the building I can tell you that the food, drinks and service was outstanding. Everything tasted good and was served with a smile and good energy. 

Mr Hellström got to dance!

Thank you The Big C and Montana. 
We have to come back.
Thank your for the present,
 I will never forget.  

C U soon! 


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