Hannas Herbarium

Our train came into Gothenburg Central Station at 09.30 and at 10 we met my mom&dad at Palmhuset/The Palm House which entrance is located just across the square right next to the Central Station. 

To cultivate in Sweden can be challenging, but it´ NOT impossible is what Hanna Wendelbo want to show by using materials from Swedish flower farmers that have contributed with material to the exhibit. With smart  choices we can offer local flower creations in any season if we look at the possiblities at hand.  

We are here to experience the installation 
by designer colleague 

Hanna is showing saved flower and plant memories of the Nordic flora at this the darkest time of the year in the tropical and mediterranean temperature kept in this greenhouse built already 1878.  

Check Hannas website and take the chance to meet 
her and make your own mandala the 4th of Januari 2020

The Palm House entrance

The Palm House in the park in central Gothenburg has been a place I visited since I was a child...and that is not yesterday. 

Love to come here in the winter 
and see all the growing greens. 

Apart from the Herbarium the Palm House this time of year has so much to offer. 
The blooming Camelias are just 
amazing this time of year. 

The secret life of plants. 

Mom and Dad at the photo wall created 
by Hanna for the Herbarium exhibit. 

Entrance is free to Hannas Herbarium 
at the Palm House. 

Tack för bilden Pappa. 

As you see I love the structure of this gorgeous glass and metall building. 

See the Palm House exhibit Herbarium 

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